Star of the Maze Fife and Drum

Star of the Maze Fife and Drum group is a local living history organisation, which began life in 2005. During the group's relatively short history tutored classes have been organised for those wishing to learn to play the fife, the simple flute like instrument, and traditional side/stave drum.

The group parades playing fifes and side drums and is usually seen at the head of Hillsborough District, accompanying Star of the Maze LOL 130. The group parades in traditional uniform, taken from the Tiffin Regiment of 1689, who fought at the Battle of the Boyne with King William III, and later in 1751, on being granted a Royal Warrant became part of the Inniskilling Regiment.

The pageantry exhibited by the group when on parade brings a wholly different dimension to any procession. The distinct sound of the fife when accompanied by a traditional drum harks back to a time long forgotten. Nevertheless, Star of the Maze Fife and Drum wholly endeavours to ensure that this part of our history continues to be exhibited and celebrated and looks forward to seeing you in Hillsborough on 12 th July 2010.