Welcome by the Worshipful District Master.

Welcome to Hillsborough District’s Loyal Online Lodge.

As members of the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland in County Down, we’re proud Orangemen with a proud history.  The website tells you more.

We're exceptionally fortunate to be of Hillsborough, with it's history, environment and community. Many of us are from a long line of Hillsborough natives and we're determined not to lose that sense of belonging. We're proud of our village. We're proud that, as members of the Orange family, Hillsborough has a direct link to our very beginning.

I’ve been a member of the Orange Institution for 27 years.  However, Orangeism is in my DNA.  To me, Orangeism is about family, enjoying the crack with my friends, and promoting my Protestant faith and culture.  Orangemen and women have a unique bond which has been forged over 300 odd years.  It’s one of those intangible things which you know is there but you can’t touch.  My experience of Orangeism is that it promotes Christian principles, respect, honour and tolerance.

We as a district would like to thank all those who supported us in the 2010 Festival at the Fort which was a great success. Hope to see a good turn out for this years twelfth day celebrations in Aghalee.


by Derek Crone
April 2011