Drumlough Pipe Band

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Drumlough was formed in 1950 in the town land of Drumlough , Hillsborough and the band's first public appearance was in 1951.  The first competition entered was The Mini Bands at the Ulster Hall, Belfast in 1953 in the Novice Grade.

The inaugural Pipe Major was Harry Kelso, who amazingly, also taught the Drum Corp, a dual role which is unheard of in modern day pipe bands! The band's patron in its formative years was Harry Ferguson (The inventor of the grey Ferguson Tractor!).   James Reid was President and Sam Magowan, MP JP, was Chairman, during the formation.    James Reid was replaced as President by Robert Doagh, who held office until 2005.  The current President is Campbell Magowan, a long term supporter of the band.

The band has worn a succession of different tartans as their uniform since formation. Initially, the Black Watch Highland dress tartan was worn. This was replaced by the green Douglas   Highland dress tartan and, subsequently, the green Douglas evening dress tartan. Band members currently wear the Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan.

Two founding members still serve on the band committee, namely Cecil McMullan and Lexie Burrows. Lexie, whilst being “youthfully challenged”, is still playing and competing with the band today and the Burrows dynasty continues with Ian Burrows being the current Pipe Major, having replaced his brother Nigel. Lexie's youngest son, Stephen, is also a key piper.

The band is undertaking fewer engagements due to competition commitments. However, this has yielded results with successes in both class and grade having won two All Ireland championships, tow Ulster championships and one World Championship.

In 2009, as a mark of the success of the band, a junior section of the band was formed and was named the Harry Ferguson Memorial Pipe Band in honour of the band's first patron.