Mosside WLOL 237

The minutes of the Grand Lodge of the Association of Loyal Orangewomen of Ireland, dated 22 nd December 1962, simply state that “application for new Warrant for Drumlough, Co. Down, was granted.” And so begins the history of the only “Ladies Lodge” within Hillsborough District.

The Lodge was, in fact, instituted on 26 th November 1962, the Worshipful Mistress being Sister Maureen Greer and Secretary being Sister Ellie Magee. The Lodge continues to sit in Drumlough Orange Hall, and is a fundamental part of the hall's history.

The members quickly rose through the ranks of the Institution with the Grand Lodge report of 1965 showing that Sister Kathleen Nicholson was now District Secretary and Sister McMullan District Treasurer of Down No. 4 District. Sister Nicholson later went on to become District Mistress and hold office at Grand Lodge level.

On 25 th November 2002 the Lodge celebrated its 40 th anniversary, with many of its founding Sisters still members of the Lodge, and invited the members of the Drumlough True Blues LOL 423 and Officers of Hillsborough District LOL No. 19 along for a lesson in conducting a Lodge meeting.

Mosside WLOL 237 continues to meet and organise events, Sister Amanda Maguire being the current Worshipful Mistress. In July 2006 the Lodge met at Dan Winter's cottage, the birthplace of Orangeism. The Lodge were also present at the installation of the current District Master of Hillsborough No. 19, Bro. James Magee, in Drumlough Orange Hall in January 2009 where he was very proud to have his Grandmother, Sister Ellie Magee, in attendance.