LOL 752

The warrant for Anahilt LOL 752 was issued in 1854, the roll register for that year showing that Bro. Charles Camblan was Worshipful Master and Bro. William Corbett Deputy Master. Whilst the exact location of the first Lodge meeting is unknown, it is rumoured that it may have taken place in a small pavilion of the Worshipful Master's house.

Anahilt Orange Hall was constructed in 1862 (???) and provided living accommodation for the hall caretaker. Bro. Samuel Simpson and Bro. Hugh Bradford both acted as caretakers for lengthy periods of time. Coal stoves heated the hall with gas lighting. These lights, whilst obsolete, remain in the possession of the Lodge. Rumours persist that the hall was haunted!

An extensive renovation programme was carried out to the hall in 2006, with the hall now being used by a wide range of organisations including Anahilt Women's Institute, Anahilt RBP 363, Anahilt Cultural Society, a Pilates class and as a venue for birthday and anniversary parties.

Lodge minutes in 1914 make reference to band being formed. It is thought that this was a flute band but latterly Anahilt Lodge Pipe Band was formed. The late Bro. Herbert Bell was the Pipe Major for many years and Bobby Barr was an early tutor. The band was renowned for its musicality and won a number of competitions. Whilst the band ceased in 1983, a number of its former members remain within the Lodge, namely Bro. Jim Bradford, Bro. Cyril McKibben, Bro. William Stewart and Bro. Billy Jackson.