LOL 602

The origins of the LOL 602 can be traced back to 1797 when a Lodge was formed in the townland of Tullynore, on the outskirts of Hillsborough. However, the original warrant for Tullynore LOL 602 was presented to its first Worshipful Master, Bro. James McKibben, on 1 st January 1825, with Bro. William Spratt elected as Deputy Master. 2010 marks the 185 th anniversary of the Lodge receiving its warrant.

The Lodge initially met at the dwelling house of Bro. John Dewart who lived in the locality. In 1895 the members took the decision to build Tullynore Orange Hall on the Dromara Road , Hillsborough. The Lodge met on the last Friday of each month until 1955, when the monthly meeting was changed to the last Tuesday of each month as it remains today. Drumlough Community Association and Tullynore Truth Defenders RPP 990 also utilise the Lodge's facilities in current times.

In 1930 the Lodge formed Tullynore Flute Band, comprising 2 flute players, 5 side drums, 1 bass drum, 1 cymbal player, 1 triangle player and the Drum Major. The bass drum players were Jim Maddison and George Dewart. The band ceased in 1948, although the bass drum and two side drums remain in the Lodge's possession.

In the Lodge's centenary booklet of 1925, a local bard eulogised on the loyal traditions upheld by Tullynore LOL 602:


Since two hundred years have passed and gone,

Since our victorious King,

Displayed his valour at the Boyne ,

And made the Valleys ring,

We hail him triumphant,

As our fathers did of yore,

And still we mean his flag to wave,

Around sweet Tullynore.


Eighty five years on, the flag is still waving at Tullynore.