LOL 504

Star of Kilwarlin LOL 504 was instituted in 1879 under the auspices of Lower Iveagh District No. 1 in County Down . Upon the formation of Hillsborough District, the Lodge transferred its allegiance to the newly formed District.

The Lodge sits at Kilwarlin Orange Hall, on the Kilwarlin plateau overlooking the Lagan Valley , otherwise known as “The Drullion” and shares its number with Gloonan LOL 504, Ahoghill, County Antrim .

At formation, records show that member's dues were 3p per month. Since the Lodge's institution, there have been several notable characters within the membership. Wor. Bro. George Howard Walsh served as Worshipful Master for thirty-four years. Wor. Bro. William James Dillon served as Treasurer for an impressive thirty-seven years, before going on to occupy the Worshipful Master's chair for another lengthy period.

Wor. Bro. William Thomas Walsh, only son of the aforementioned G. H. Walsh, latterly succeed his father as Worshipful Master of the Lodge and the Walsh dynasty continues within Star of Kilwarlin to this day with Bro. W. T. Walsh's son, Bro. Trevor Walsh, and grandsons, Bro R. Walsh – the current Worshipful Master – and Bro. N. Walsh, remaining members.

Continuing the lineage of the Lodge's founding fathers are Wor. Bro. George Swain, Past Master and Past District Master, who sadly past away last March but his grandson Wor. Bro. Simon Black Past Master still continues the lineage being the great great grandson of Wor. Bro. George H. Walsh.

At the end of World War II the Lodge formed a pipe band. This band continued to parade with the Lodge for several years until, in the late 1950's, it was decided that a return should be made to carrying Lambeg drums.

Star of Kilwarlin has provided a steady stream of officer material to Hillsborough District over the years. Bro. W. J. Dillon was installed as Hillsborough District's first treasurer in 1921. Wor. Bro. George Swain acted as Worshipful District Master between 1974 and 1975, having previously served as District Treasurer and, more latterly, as District Secretary for some 28 years.

Wor. Bro. Ronald Stewart was Worshipful District Master between 2003 and 2004 and now serves as District Treasurer. Wor. Bro. Derek Crone is the current Worshipful District Master. Wor. Bro. Alfred Wilson served as District Tyler for a number of years and Wor. Bro. Simon Black is on the ladder as a member of District committee.

The Lodge commenced the new millennium in 2000 when a new banner was purchased. Significant renovation works were also commenced on the Orange hall. A decade on, Star of Kilwarlin is going from strength to strength and is looking forward to a prosperous future.