LOL 423

Drumlough True Blues LOL 423 was instituted on 17 th January 1849 at the home of Mr John Robinson on Rafferty's Hill Road , Drumlough. The Lodge has met on the first Thursday of each month throughout its history.

In 1907 the brethren decided to build a bespoke Orange Hall on the Dromara Road , Hillsborough. The official opening of the hall was performed by Mrs Cowan Heron, with a memorial key being presented to her as a token of the Lodge's gratitude. Through the passage of time this key changed hands and was fortuitously discovered in an antique shop in Armagh by a friend of the Lodge who purchased the key and presented to the members.

Throughout the years the hall has been altered and improved upon. The hall was rededicated in 1936 with Sir James Craig, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland in attendance, and again in 2007 by Bro. Jeffrey Donaldson MP, following extensive renovations and to mark the hall's centenary. An extension is presently being built.

Presently, the hall is frequented more than ever with Drumlough Cultural Society, Mosside WLOL 237, Drumlough Pipe Band, and The Harry Ferguson Memorial Pipe Band all utilising the facilities in addition to the Lodge.

Membership numbers have remained stable, and in recent times there has been an influx of younger members bringing vigour and 21 st century thinking. These members stand on the shoulders of our forbearers, notably among them the late Bro. Sam Magowan JP, who achieved the rank of Worshipful Master, Worshipful District Master, Deputy Grand Master of Ireland, Assistant Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance in the Northern Ireland Parliament and was also assistant whip in the Unionist Party grouping.

  The late Harry Ferguson, of wee grey tractor fame, was a friend of the Lodge, visiting the hall each 12 th July and donated the “Ferguson Cup” which remains in the possession of the Lodge today.

Since 1937 the Lodge has had a band. Initially, sixteen black ebony flutes were acquired by the Lodge to lead the members on parade, the bandmaster being Mr John Stewart. In 1945 the Lodge decided that Highland pipes were the way forward, and Drumlough Pipe Band was formed. The members are proud of their association with Drumlough Pipe Band who, to this day, lead the Lodge on their annual Church service in May and other parades. Many members of the Lodge were with the band in Glasgow in 2005 when the band were crowned World Champions.

Despite being “true blues” the Lodge members now wear traditional orange and purple collarettes!