LOL 288

The warrant for LOL 288 was originally issued 1798 with Wor. Bro John Johnston registered as the Worshipful Master, making it one of the oldest lodges in Hillsborough District. There was no further record for the lodge until 1823 and this shows Bro. John Turner as Worshipful Master.

LOL 288 originally met in the former Market House at the top of the hill on Main Street . The lodge now meets on the first Monday of the month in Hillsborough Orange Hall on Ballynahinch Street .

Hillsborough Orange Hall was built in the late 1950's and the Lodge moved to it in 1958. The foundation stones of the hall were laid on 29 th March 1958 by Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Bell, with Wor. Bro. Sam Magowan, the District Master acting as Chairman.

Through the years Hillsborough Orange Hall has been graced with many noteable personalities, with the likes of James Young performing. Nowadays the hall is used for multiple purposes, including Lodge meetings, with Hillsborough Social Club, a local Ulster-Scots group, Hillsborough Bowling Club, a Lambeg drumming class, and the local darts team all regularly utilising the facilities.

Although the Lodge does not have its own band, Ballymacarrett Flute Band have paraded with the lodge for the past 11 years each 12 th July, and recently have paraded with the Lodge at the Opening of the Arch parade in Hillsborough.

The lodge has a few notable members. Bro. Joe Clarke, MBE, is one of our most senior and most respected members. Bro. Joe received his honour in 2003 for charity work throughout Northern Ireland . Two members of LOL 288, Alan Fraser and Raymond Lockhart, have had distinguished careers in football with both being capped a number of times for the Northern Ireland Senior Squad.

The lodge has had many different members in a District office most recently was W. Bro William McClelland who was Worshipful District Master. The lodge currently has 39 members registered and is still proud to be able to say that it is one of the largest Lodges in Hillsborough District.