LOL 1090

The warrant for Downshire LOL 1090 was issued on 12 th July 1850 to Thomas Stafford of Hillsborough, County Down . The Lodge took the name of the Downshire family as its title and, as with LOL 144 and LOL 288, initially sat in the upper room of the Market House. Upon the construction of Hillsborough Orange Hall in Ballynahinch Street , LOL 1090 relocated along with LOL 288.

The members of Downshire LOL 1090 were fundamental to the formation of the fledgling Hillsborough District, with no fewer than three of the six principal offices being occupied by LOL 1090 Brethren, including the Worshipful District Master, Bro. Dr. McCandless.

This willingness to bear responsibility may have been related to the fact that many members of LOL 1090 were local businessmen. Hence, the Lodge was nicknamed “The Bucks” (in earlier times businessmen were known as the “big bucks”).

The Lodge was presented with an original Downshire family flag on which the date of 1868 was embroidered along with the Hill family motto “Obtinui Per Deum et Ferrum” – “ By God and my sword have I prevailed” . The flag was, however, further embellished with the text “Downshire LOL 1090 – No Surrender - 20 th September 1912” marking Ulster Day, the day when virtually an entire community put its signatures to the Ulster Covenant. This flag was carried by the Lodge on each 12 th July.

As membership numbers declined, Hillsborough District Officers became associate members in 1968 in an effort to prolong the Lodge's life. However, numbers continued to dwindle and, having taken a principled stand over the decision to permit a social club to utilise Hillsborough Orange Hall, Downshire LOL 1090 handed its warrant back to the District Lodge, thereby bringing to a close a distinguished chapter in Orangeism in Hillsborough.